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(If you are reading this from outside The Manly Club website you can join us at www.manlyclub.com)

Soon, The Manly Club will be launching an interactive community of men. Within this community men will be able to create a personal profile with a private password. Your profile will be 100% secure as we use the highest level of security WordPress has to offer.

We are currently signing up men from all walks of life.

This entire community level experience will be FREE….forever.

Down the road we will offer options that will allow men access to specific levels of Accountability Mastermind Groups within The Manly Club. Those highly category specific groups will be paid participation groups. These groups will operate completely independent of the community and will be lead by community leaders. These groups will not be general interest groups, they will be short run (3-6 month) groups that will focus on specific areas of personal growth.

Example Accountability Mastermind Groups:

  • How to Use Self-Mastery as a Personal Operating System
  • Self-Confidence – Creating a Powerful Presence
  • Assertiveness – Applying Confidence to Everyday Life
  • How To Stop Helping Someone Else Build Their Dream And Start Building Your Own
  • Stoic Philosophy (implementation)
  • Getting Addicted to Results
  • The Relentless Determination Mindset
  • The Power Of Controlled and Ethical Greed
  • Creating, Building, and Maintaining Long-Term Success Out of Nothing
  • Character Building

There will be many more as we move forward. New groups will be added based on community feedback scores.

The Manly Club is built on the belief that iron sharpens iron. Being in constant contact with other men that are either going through the same trials and tribulations as yourself or have already weathered the storm and came out the other side a stronger version of himself is both empowering and priceless. There is no better way to build the life you have always wanted than to create a feedback loop of peers that can both help guide you and help you stay the course over the long haul.

I encourage you to join us now as a founding member. There are no sign-up costs and you will be notified by email once the community goes live.

To join, simply enter your email address in the form labeled “Join The Manly Club (FREE)” below.

We will be in contact soon.


Want to know even more information about The Manly Club? Read our mission statement……

The Manly Club Purpose And Goal Statement