Using Visualization To Achieve Your Goals

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Using visualization to achieve your goals is not what you think.

It’s not that woo-woo fairy tale where all you have to do is picture it in your mind and you can have it.

You know the quotes, the ones that tell us….”if you can see it you can achieve it!”

Pure silliness.

I’ll tell you what type of visualization really works.

The type of visualization where you tap into the raw energy that streams from taking yourself into the future moment of achieving your goal and experience the sights, sounds, colors, voices and deep emotional pride and happiness that will come from the moment in time when you conquer your goal.

If you live in that future moment all day, every day it will provide you all of the energy, motivation, inspiration, ideas and long term focus you need to make that goal a reality.

Oh, I also need to mention.

This is EXACTLY how the wildly successful people of the world find the energy and focus to achieve their goals.

I have recently discovered this little life hack and have been applying it to my daily life.

What a difference it has made!

I wish I had figured this out decades ago.

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