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I have so much respect for people that create blogs and websites from scratch.

I have learned over the years just how confusing and frustrating the process is. I have managed to navigate the waters even though I am not a pro because of the incredibly kind and generous people in my network. I have been welcomed with open arms even though I was asking some pretty dumb questions at the beginning. Now that I know what I know, it’s easy to see just how patient these people were with me. Thank you all… know who you are!

I have vowed to pay it forward as best I can by providing my readers with the tools they shared with me.

I now am sharing them with you.


Hosting – A2 Hosting is a rock solid hosting platform for all type of blogs and websites. They provide some of the fastest hosting speeds in the industry and rock solid support.

They are experts at hosting WordPress sites which is the platform my website uses.

There are some very big players out there that provide WordPress hosting but it has been my experience that if you are starting out and using what’s called shared hosting, those big hosting companies really put the screws to you once you start getting some traffic. GoDaddy is famous for this. Once your site starts slowing down a bit they try to push you into the next level of hosting at a much higher monthly rate. Small sites feel like they have to pay for it or their visitors will have a slow experience and they might not come back. Most small sites just pay. That’s a shame. I stick with the smaller hosting firms to avoid that mess. I have been through it too many times.

More to come!