The Real Reason Some Men Fail

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I don’t believe that men fail at things in life because they are lazy or unmotivated.

I believe men fail because they were never taught how to conquer self through self-mastery.

Instead of becoming master of self, they become mastered by self.

I never criticize a man for not being successful at something because I understand what happened. Instead, I try to convince them to achieve self-mastery and then try again.

For some reason, we don’t teach self-mastery skills in schools.

Heck, often we don’t even teach our children what it means to conquer self.

When it comes to self-control, self-discipline, self-esteem and self-mastery most of us are left to our own devices.

If we don’t somehow figure it out the potential for failure climbs dramatically.

It’s not too late to learn to be master of self…..start now and then reengage with life. 

You will be amazed by what happens!

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