The Manly Club Purpose And Goal Statement

Spread the knowledge

This is short for a reason. We keep things focused and simple around here.

First things first…..we do not want to be clumped in with all the online self-improvement “gurus” and “life coaches”.

We are neither.

We are not trained professionals just experienced men.

Our purpose is straightforward:

  • Share what has worked for us and hopefully help others discover their own solutions through our experiences.
  • Create an atmosphere of trust, honesty, and honor that provides a comfortable platform for men to communicate, share and grow.
  • Provide as much motivation and encouragement to members of The Manly Club as possible. We look to achieve this by giving our time and attention to each member as best we can. We hope each man will pay it forward by staying engaged with the community even after they have achieved their personal goals in order to help new members find their way to the same level of success. This is a noble and rewarding endeavor for all.

The Manly Club stays focused on self-mastery because we have learned over the years that it’s close to impossible to master anything in life (money, careers, and relationships as examples) until we have mastered ourselves. It is our opinion that nothing else provides such a wide scope of life enhancing benefits.

We will serve you with the respect you deserve. We ask each member to do the same.

Soon, The Manly Club will be going live with a membership portal for all registered members. All founding members (people signing up now – early 2017) will be notified when the portal is open. At that time everyone will be able to sign in, create a profile and start communicating directly with me and other Manly Club members.

Shortly thereafter, we will open our Facebook Group for members and nonmembers to join in on productive and relevant discussions.

If you agree with our mission and would like to be a part of our initial growth phase I encourage you to join us by entering your email in the signup box below. That’s all that’s needed for now. You will be notified by email as features open.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out.


Steve Miller – The Manly Club