Take Control: Don’t Just Hope Your Motivation Will Last Long Enough To Achieve Your Goals

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Losing motivation before achieving a desired goal is common.


Mostly this happens because in our mind, achieving the goal is not real, possible or likely enough.


We lack a clear vision of exactly how life will improve once we achieve the goal.


Without a clear vision we lose energy, focus and motivation pretty fast.


We would have a never ending supply of energy, focus and motivation to tap into if we could FEEL in the now the feeling that success will bring in the future.


In order to make achieving our goals more real to our mind we need to start living with the feeling of the success that is coming every day.




My current goal includes buying another property here in Oregon. We have a family property now with a home and about 25 timber acres but we want to give this to our boys in a few years so we want to start a new family ranch soon.


The size and location of the type of properties we want are in the $1-1.2 million range.


Currently, I do not have the resources to pull the trigger and get into one of these properties.


Instead of just hoping I stay motivated and focused enough to do all the hard work required to make my goal a reality, I live my life every day as if I already own the new ranch.


I have made many past goals a reality by doing this.


Here is how it works:


Every single day I think and act as if I already have the money in my account to buy that ranch.


If I had the money in my account right now I would be doing things like searching for the right property, researching water access issues in the area, pricing out new farm equipment, researching local zoning laws, planning out what crops would work best in the area, collecting data on what animals are the most profitable in our region and so on.


There are a limitless amount of details to research.


Every day, and often multiple times per day, I take action as if I had the resources to buy the ranch anytime I wanted to.


I sometimes will call the county permit office to inquire about a permit I know I will need.


I send an email to a local supply house to find out what type of feed is available locally.


I inquire about local soil conditions and planting calendars.


I contact real estate brokers about the current properties available to get a feel for what type of deals are being made.


I sometimes email local chamber of commerces to get more information about upcoming city council agendas in the area I am looking.


I drive out to currently available properties often to get a feel for distance to local stores from certain rural communities.


None of these things take up too much time, I don’t let them. It’s consistency I am after.


My point is that I get engaged with my goals and I never disengage until I achieve it.


I have skin in the game when I do this. I don’t want to fail and waste all the effort I have put into it so I work my ass off.


This practice not only drives my motivation but it keeps me moving forward towards my goal. I move further faster every day.


I don’t take anything for granted when it comes to achieving my goals.


I don’t leave anything to chance.


I am going to get what I want in life.

I take control of every aspect of the process including my motivation.



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