Spencer Porter the Teenage CEO Changing Lives

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spencer porter
When you think of a millennial what are your thoughts? Usually, we think of them to be quite stubborn, entitled and maybe even lazy – but my perception changed after recently connecting with an unstoppable entrepreneur by the name of Spencer Porter.

Since young Spencer has been an ambitious kid with one dream, to help and impact the world in the best way possible.

From the age of 12 Spencer had been experimenting with ideas and technology, he was so ambitious that he once convinced one of his best mates that he was going to create a lightsaber in his garage. Although he was unsuccessful with creating the lightsaber, Spencer has been quite successful in app development, connecting with many influential entrepreneurs and founding his start-up HustleTime this year.

Spencer Passionately explained HustleTime to me as not only a website but a company in which is set out to help you reach your level of success. Spencer insists that he will do anything to see others be successful and chase their goals and desires. He wants those who are struggling to pursue what they want in life to be able to take that leap of faith and not give into society’s norms.

When I asked Spencer why he does what he does he explained that he wants to be the person that he wish he had spoken to when he was a little kid, now this touched me because I know exactly how hard and lonely it can be to be an entrepreneur, but I also know how rewarding helping and giving back to others is.

If you’re looking for support and you want to take yourself, your business or you just want a friend for support, I would suggest that you connect with this humble and amazing person, Spencer Porter.

Spencer Porter – Hustle Time


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