Self-Mastery Defined

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“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” ~Leonardo Da Vinci

The Short Answer:

Definition of self: a person’s essential being

Definition of mastery: control or superiority over someone or something

Self-mastery: The power to control one’s actions, impulses or emotions and use said control to improve all areas of one’s life.

In its essence, all self-growth and self-development comes from self-mastery. Change does not happen without it.

The Entire Answer:

Self-mastery is the act of taking complete control of one’s life and applying that total control to break through self-imposed barriers that block us from achieving things like financial success, rewarding relationships, and mental and physical well being.

At The Manly Club, we want to help you regain total control of your life and apply that control to improve all aspects of your life.

In its simplest form, self-mastery happens through total, unequivocal honesty with oneself.

If we are being honest with ourselves, we can admit that we trained ourselves to be the person we are today. We have also accepted and learned to live with our current circumstance. 

The ability to be honest with ourselves regarding fears, insecurities and weaknesses is a skill few possess but it can be learned.

Brutal and unrelenting self-honesty is in fact the first step to self-mastery. The rest of the path to self-mastery is about taking advantage of the power that self-mastery possesses by applying it to everyday life.

Without relentless honesty about what is happening in our lives self-mastery cannot and will not happen. Without self-mastery, the life we are living will be the life we live forever.

Self-mastery is a process, but the reward is unmatched.

Here is where it all starts. One must first achieve this basic level of self-honesty to continue towards self-mastery. One must come to grips with these universal truths that apply to you, me and every other human being on this planet:

We lie to ourselves every day and we have trained ourselves to never question those lies.


We have created and are therefore responsible for the current life circumstance we find ourselves in today.

Once we own these two universal truths, we are on our way to self-mastery.

The Manly Club is focused on helping others gain a clear understanding of these two truths. Once we help people get past this core understanding we move on to break the cycle of listening to the lies we all tell ourselves every day. We then move on to applying self-mastery to our daily lives to create permanent change. This is the difference between self-mastery and many short-term quick fixes and shortcuts out there. Self-mastery changes lives forever… turning back, no temporary improvements followed by a big let down….self-mastery changes us at our core.

We use group accountability through mastermind sessions, easy to learn and follow actionable and measurable steps, and unlimited support and guidance to help all members achieve their self-mastery goals.

Today is the day…..take charge of your life.

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