Star Ball resides somewhere between work of art and functional lighting fixture. Made from black and clear acrylic, custom engraved and machined, both parts are machined with Blue Pine’s own CNC milling machine, then sanded and coated for maximum visual impact. With new and improved craftsmanship, it will add the perfect cutting-edge décor to your desk or office.

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  • Materials 
  • Measurements 
    5.5″L x 3.4″W x 6.5″H
  • OriginCanada

— Can Be Set To 16 Different Colors 
— 4 Light-Changing Modes 
— Dimmable 
— Includes Remote Control 
— LED Light Lasts For Over 30,000 Hours

— Engraved Interchangeable Acrylic Sculpture Top 
— Lamp Base 
— 12-Volt Power Supply 
— LED Light 
— Controller 
— Remote Control


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