Powerful Daily Habit: Practice

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Practice something every single day.

No matter what it is, commit to practicing something of interest daily.

Enjoy reading? Read every single day.

Enjoy wood working? Work on a project every single day.

Enjoy cooking? Cook something every single day.

Practice is a form of self-discipline and practicing self-discipline on things you love and enjoy doing is a great way to get into the habit of being a self-disciplined person. This bleeds over to being disciplined with the less than pleasant tasks in life like diet, exercise and doing difficult work. Successful people do the things that others are not willing to do. They are disciplined enough to know and understand that this is the difference between success and failure in life.

Some say the most important element of success is consistency. Not skill, not intelligence…..consistency. We can develop a habit of consistency by practicing something every single day.

More Powerful Daily Habits to come.

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