Powerful Daily Habit: Don’t Quit Your Daydream

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This has become the mantra that I share with the people around me…..


The dreams that float around in our heads each day as we go about living our lives are very real elements of a life we want to manifest for ourselves. 

Every single thing that has ever been built or accomplished in this world started out as a daydream inside someones head.

Google….started out as a daydream.

Facebook……started out as a daydream.

Twitter…..stated out as a daydream.



Netflix……you guessed it……daydream.

There is absolutely no reason why the daydream you have in your head right this moment can’t become a reality in your life.

Most of the daydreams that manifested into reality did so not because the person dreaming them was special but because the person dreaming them never quit on them. Instead they used their self-mastery skills to convert the daydream into a reality.

So remember, don’t quit your daydream. Stay with The Manly Club, we will work with you to make that daydream a reality!

More Powerful Daily Habits to come.

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