Powerful Daily Habit: Comfort Kills – Push Harder

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When was the last time you truly challenged your limits?

When was the last time you found out just how far you could push yourself before you break?

We have to push ourselves every single day or we get soft.

Find a way to challenge yourself each day.

How many push-ups can you do before falling to the floor in exhaustion? Push yourself and find out. 

How much self-discipline can you muster up to eat just fruits, vegetables and water for an entire day? Find out.

If you really pushed yourself to walk or run as far and long as you possibly can how far and long would you go? Push yourself and find out.

These mini challenges aren’t intended to turn you into a vegan or a marathon runner, these are for you to get into the habit of constantly pushing yourself to new heights. These little tests will strengthen your self-mastery skills.

We need to find ways to test our limits. We need to practice and challenge our self-discipline like an athlete practices his sport.

Each time we find a way to push ourselves to our limit we get closer to self-mastery. 

We need to overcome ourselves to get stronger.

We need to push past our desire for comfort.

Comfort kills.


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