Next Time You Set A New Goal Do This Before You Start Your Journey

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“Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves”. -Walter Anderson


Before you start your journey to accomplish a new goal stop and get your mind right first. Your mind is the key to your success.

When we get excited and passionate about a new goal, business idea, or change of life we get a surge of motivation. That’s fine but it usually doesn’t last past the first couple of challenges. Once the reality of how difficult the new goal is going to be to achieve sets in, we typically start to lose most, if not all of that initial motivation.

It’s fine to get excited but don’t rely on that excitement lasting.

Start from a different place next time.

Next time, do this:


Pause for one full week. Do not take any action on the new goal.


That’s right, until you get your mind right do not take any action. If the goal is important enough to you and a good fit for the type of person you are your passion to achieve it won’t fade during the week.

If it does fade, even a little during that week, stop, regroup and set a new goal.

If your desire fades in that week, the goal was not a good fit and would have never meshed with your core emotional and intellectual infrastructure and that always leads to failure.

Goals that align with who you are do not fade, ever.

If it fades don’t be discouraged. Look at it this way, you just saved yourself a lot of time and energy.

During the pause week take all the notes you want. No need to miss out on good supporting ideas.

Next, use the pause week to make BIG changes to your mindset.

This is like stretching before exercise. We need to get our mind prepared for the battle ahead just like we need to prepare our bodies for strenuous activities.

Skipping this vital step is why so many goals are never realized.

Here is where I am going to lose a lot of people reading this. This is the part where people that do not have what it takes to do big things in their life are going to click away because this is the hard part and a lot of people are looking for the easy way, the shortcut, the path of least resistance, they are looking for a way to stay comfortable.

I encourage you to read on because comfort kills dreams.

During this pause week there is one objective and that is self-mastery.

Total self-mastery takes a lot longer than one week to achieve but a week is long enough to get started and to set your goals in motion.

We will break down this first week of beginning self-mastery into two mindshifts that need to take place.

Mindshift #1

Take full and complete ownership of your current life situation.

No excuses.

If your life is not where you need it to be it is because up until this moment in time you have either not taken action or you have taken the wrong action.

Don’t sugar coat it.

Don’t take the edge off of it.

Own it completely.

You are going to need the toughness that comes from this type of self-awareness and brutal self-honesty to achieve your goal.

Stings right?

I know I have felt it myself.

Embrace the sting.

It stings everyone except the people that never take ownership of their lives. They never feel the sting because they try to deflect responsibility to everyone and everything around them. They never accomplish their goals yet they wonder why. This is not you. You are better than that.

Mindshift #2


This is it……

This is the moment in your life that you decide that enough is enough.

This is the moment in your life that you decide that things are going change for the better in a big way.

This is the moment in your life that you decide to take total control of your destiny.

This is the moment in your life that you decide it’s time to start forging your legacy.

This is the moment in your life that you decide to stop the losing and start the winning.

This is the moment in your life that you decide to be the man, take control and make it happen.

This is the moment in your life that is unlike any other for this is the first time in your life you KNOW with total conviction and without a shadow of doubt that you are going to be that man.

The man that KNOWS when he sets out to do something he does it.

The man that KNOWS abundance is all around him.

The man that KNOWS all obstacles are actually opportunities to get better.

The man that KNOWS how to move further faster.

The man that KNOWS he is not motivated but instead is motivation itself.

The man that KNOWS he does not need to take no for an answer.

The man that KNOWS he will win at everything he attempts.

DECIDING and KNOWING are far more powerful than “wanting” and “hoping”.

Most people want and hope. You are not most people. I know this because you are still here reading this even though I have spelled out some tough tasks.

The reason deciding and knowing are so important is because when you decide and know, you develop a relentless determination that rises far above normal motivation.

As I alluded to in the beginning of this post, normal motivation that comes from the excitement of taking on a new goal or lifestyle enhancement is typically short lived. When the motivation runs out we either try to rekindle the motivation or switch to raw willpower. Both usually fail. Once they fail the goal dies a slow death.

When self-mastery begins, motivation becomes a natural and permanent state of being. It does not come and go. There are no peaks and valleys. It comes and it stays forever. Hence what I said above…..”The man that KNOWS that he is not motivated but instead is motivation itself.”

These are the two mindshifts that have to happen during the pause week.

If you are serious about changing your life for the better none of what I have written here will come as a surprise and you will feel like you have known all along that this is how it has to work.

To summarize:

Take full ownership of your current life situation, decide now is the time, know you will succeed.

Once your pause week is over you will be building your legacy upon a foundation of conviction instead of hope.

I would wish you luck at this point but when you make the mindshifts I talked about in this post, luck will have nothing to do with your success. Your new mindshifts determine your outcome before you even start, therefore, there is no need for luck!


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