How To Succeed At Failure

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Guest post written by Cliff Cannon…..
The success of failure.
Everyone speaks on the benefits of success.

There are many books on the subject. Motivational speakers make thousands if not millions a year trying to get people to find ways to succeed in this area or that of their life.

Yet no one or very few even look at the success of failures that brought them where they are now.
I admit it’s very counter intuitive and requires a ton of introspection and self awareness to truly find the success of failure. Inventors, great thinkers, writers and creative persons seem to intuitively do this. 
They make attempt after attempt seemingly failing each time.
Piles of written pages litter their offices and work spaces.
Ideas never to be published.
Works of greatness never to be realized.
Multitudes of projects that may or may not do what they were intended to do but have some potential to be used elsewhere.
Take a look at the sealed copper filament light bulb. Edison’s first attempt a complete disaster.
Yet it yielded the process for sealing a filament in glass bulb later to be electrified.
Several spectacular failures later, he discovered the right combination of anode and cathode that when electrified produces a sustainable light source.
We a century later have in door lighting that most of us couldn’t live nor work without.
The perseverance gained through the experience of failure can be used to weather the storms, fight back defeat.
When mixed with drive and tenacity this can be a great tool in a quest for success.
I’ve always held a saying, mantra if you will that “failure is merely the learning curve of success.” 
The difference between failing at success vs succeeding at failure goes far beyond semantics.
It really boils down to what you do with those successful failures to stay questing after your goal or believing that the task is beyond you and not worth anymore effort.
In a good deal of cases it’s simply either a matter of outside assistance and or perspective.
To succeed or to fail is really just a matter of perspective and a willingness to learn from each attempt.
Much love, much respect.

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