How to Start a Fire, Plus 15 Other Outdoor Skills That Aren’t Complicated

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Pitching a tent, healing a wound, and finding your way are about the most important things you can learn how to do. They’re also the easiest.

Beecause having fun outdoors shouldn’t be complicated, here’s a reminder that even some of the most important skills are simpler than we often make them out to be.

#1. Start a Fire

Fire requires fuel, air, and heat. Start with the smallest, driest fuel source you can find or make. Stack it in such a way that it’s sheltered from the wind but has plenty of internal airflow. Use a lighter, match, or ferro rod to start a flame. As the fire spreads, gently blow on it to add more air. Slowly, gently, and loosely add progressively larger fuel to the fire as it grows.

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