Forget Everything Else….Just Work On Controlling These Three Things And Your Life Will Improve Dramatically

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Jack Canfield is a stud.

I love that man.

He is pure inspiration.

One of the most powerful things he has ever said resonated deeply with me the moment I read it and has stayed with me ever since.

This has been a guiding light for me.

He wisely said…..

“There are only three things we control in life. The thoughts we think, the images we visualize, and the actions we take”.

Now some might simply write this off as just another passing quote and I almost did but that is a HUGE mistake.

It’s a mistake because there is peace in living a simple life only focused on these three things.

Life has a habit of getting loud and chaotic.

Stepping back, taking a deep breath and simplifying life down to just these three things brings inner peace.

Inner peace is happiness.

Being able to do this does require a little bit of self-mastery but it’s not hard to learn.

Here is how to practice and if you stick with it I promise you will soon have a quiet mind, inner peace and a much happier life.

Start small.

Don’t tackle everything at once.

Start with your thoughts.

Stay with them for a week.

Watch where they choose to go on their own.

Simply observe your thoughts for a few days.

Once you are used to observing your thoughts slowly start to tether them in.

We can’t stop our thoughts but we can choose them and we can slow them down. This is only possible though once we become aware of them.

An easy way to slow them down is to picture them on a movie screen in front of you.

Visualize your thoughts moving across the screen and imagine you have a remote control that allows you to slow them down to any speed you like.

It takes practice I know but keep at it.

Once you have slowed your thoughts down enough you can start to take control of their content.

Stay conscious of the things you tell yourself about the world and your place in it.

Stay conscious of the thoughts you are thinking and then slowly change them from negative (if they are negative that is) to positive.

This is a choice you have! Do not underestimate this step!

Choose to think uplifting thoughts.

Forget about the cliche part of it and just do it.

If you go on convincing yourself that things like positive thinking are woo-woo you are never going to be happy!

You get to choose your thoughts…..don’t over-complicate it…..this is much more simple than you think.

Know that you are in total control and choose the right thoughts.

This will get your mind right.

Once you have control of the content of your thoughts you will already start to feel better.

After you feel like you are ready, move on to visualization.

Visualization is easier.

We already do it all day every day.

It’s the only way we can accomplish anything in life…..we must visualize things in our mind before we can manifest them in the real world.

If you want to get a new job you must first have the thought and then you must visualize the process. We all do it. It’s how we are wired.

Take control of your visualizations by remaining conscious of what you see with your mind’s eye.

Create the visualizations that inspire you the most and push everything else away.

With your down time only visualize positive and inspiring pictures like yourself on vacation or enjoying the company of a loved one or buying a new car.

This won’t work to well when you are busy with normal everyday tasks so practise this when you are not so busy.

Stay with your visualizations….if you do not remain conscious of the visualizations in your mind your subconscious mind will take over and push out all kinds of negative visualizations instead.

Over time you will get used to controlling your visualizations and that will lead you to a very powerful place.

Finally actions……controlling our actions is a direct product of controlling both our thoughts and our visualizations.

Tie them all together.

For example:

I think positive thoughts because I am in 100% control of my thoughts…..since I think so positively I find it easy to visualize inspiring images in my mind. Those thoughts and images are the foundation for all of my actions.

Now if you’re the type of person that loves to fight this kind of stuff that’s fine but let me tell you one thing……this works my friend!

If you are skeptical just give it a shot.

What do you have to lose?

A chaotic mind and a stressed out life…..that’s what you have to lose.

If you have questions or comments fire away brother!


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