Finding The Strength You Need To Achieve Your Goals

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This funny little cartoon is dead on accurate.
When I was weak-minded and unsure of myself I never made it past even one of these obstacles.
After studying self-mastery for many years I was able to fight off each of these obstacles one by one with little or no effort.
Once a man masters himself there is no man that can master him. There is no man that can stop or for that matter even slow him down.
The problem with trying to break a man that has mastered himself is he has already defeated his strongest opponent. There will never be another challenger.
His attributes are many:
  • The self-aware man has unimaginable strength of resolve and character because he has uncovered his strengths and dismissed his weaknesses.
  • He has taken the journey deep into his own mind and faced and then erased all of the lies and excuses that previously hindered his true strength. He has turned those lies and excuses into the raw power of truth. There is no way to deny a man that is honest with himself for the man whose self-talk is populated with words of truth, strength, and conviction has nothing to prove and nothing to hide and that makes him unlike the men around him. He will not be denied because he is completely aware of what he brings to the table and understands the value he represents.
  • The man that has mastered himself demands respect because he knows he deserves respect. 
  • He does not ask permission of anyone under any circumstances because he no longer has to.


  • His mindset is focused on his goal not the approval of others.


  • He decides what he wants and then proceeds to take it without hesitation. He commits himself fully to the work required to do so. He can do this at will now because he has removed all self-doubt.
  • His strength of will is a product of his focus and relentless determination. Both of which are born of his clarity of vision. A man that has mastered himself can see his goal and the path to it clearly because in his mind he has already achieved it. The process is a mere formality.


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