Exactly How Does Self-Mastery Help Us Achieve Our Goals?

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When we commit to something new like starting a business, getting in shape, or improving our diet, we tend to build the new goal on a foundation that relies solely on the inspiration, motivation and willpower that exists in the moment the goal is created.

In that moment, it feels as if the energy to see the goal through to completion will last forever.

Oftentimes, once the realities of the work involved start to become clear, the energy of that moment starts to wane and things start to slow down.

Sometimes things slow down so much they stop completely.

Another false start goes into the history books.

For some of us this cycle repeats itself over and over. Each time we get a burst of energy to make big changes the burst of energy fades and the changes we promised ourselves fall to the wayside.

Common scenario right?

Before I started my personal self-mastery journey, the above scenario occurred in my life more times than I can count.

One false start after another, over and over and over. Very frustrating. 

I finally put an end to the false start cycle once and for all when I learned the cause of all my false starts.

I had studied neuroscience for years. My research was focused on the human condition and how easily we become conditioned by society shortly after adolescence. In my gut, I somehow new that my false starts in life were tied to my mindset so I set out to discover exactly what it was that was stopping me from accomplishing my dreams and aspirations.

My research proved that my mind was not only the problem but it was also the solution.

The fact is, all the energy, inspiration and motivation required to keep our dreams, goals and lifestyle changes progressing forward has little to do with willpower or the short-term burst of excitement that comes at the start.

When we lose our motivation to continue we are actually losing focus.

The key to never suffering through another false start is to maintain a laser focus on the reward waiting for us once we see our goals through to completion.

Lose focus, lose energy.

Lose energy, lose desire.

Lose desire, lose hope.

Lose hope…..the goal dies on the vine.

How does all this relate to self-mastery?

When we lose focus and thereby lose sight of our “why” (why we wanted to achieve the goal) we have our subconscious mind to thank.

We have little control of that inner voice that never shuts up. You know, that voice that convinces you that you are not good enough….yeah, that voice. That voice pushes out enough fear, self-doubt and energy depleting negativity to kill any dream or goal imaginable.

With some practice we can use self-mastery to turn the volume of our conscious voice up so loud that it drowns out the inner voice…..effectively ending it’s death grip on our attention. Once we have full and total control of our attention we can direct it to focus 100% on achieving our goals. Without this control, we suffer through the same false start scenario over and over again.

Self-mastery is something that needs to first be understood completely and then applied to daily life. We accomplish this the same way an athlete trains to master his sport…..daily practice. The good news is it’s easier than it sounds. Actually, a lot easier.

Understanding and practicing self-mastery is what The Manly Club is all about. We created this site to not only continue our journey to self-mastery through teaching but also introduce and guide those that choose to embark on their journey find there way a bit easier. 

If you let it, self-mastery will change your life. All it takes is a small commitment to do the work required but the result is a permanent change that does not fade when the excitement wears off. Self-mastery is a change that occurs at the conscious thought level. Once that change takes place, things never go back to the way they were.

We will continue to peel back the layers of self-mastery for you in future posts.

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We will have plenty more discussions on self-mastery as well as future mastermind groups you will be able to join.

We are focused on teaching self-mastery as we see it as the ultimate weapon against stagnation and failure.

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