Are The Excuses You Sell To Yourself Every Day Ruining Your Life?

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“It’s too cold. It will be warmer tomorrow. I will go to the gym tomorrow. It will be fine”.


“I can eat this donut. I did a lot of yard work yesterday so I can probably afford the calories”.


“I am tired today. I can take the weekend off from working on that side hustle project I started”.


Excuse after excuse after excuse.


Are you actually buying these excuses you sell yourself?




If you had an employee working for you I bet you wouldn’t buy nearly as many excuses as you buy from yourself.


There is a very good chance that all of the excuses you are selling to yourself are ruining your life.


Little by little, day by day, week by week…..they are adding up and taking their toll on your health, family, finances and your self-esteem.


If you take a moment to be completely honest with yourself you will quickly realize what I mean.




These excuses are a result of a lack of self-discipline and self-control.


The good news is there is a solution!


A solution that is far simpler than you may think.


The solution is called self-mastery.


When we achieve self-mastery we take back control of our lives. We start living from a place of total control of our thoughts and actions.


How much better would your life be if you had total control over your thoughts and action?


Think you already do?


Well, if you are making excuses and not taking the action that you know you need to be taking to make your life better then you are lacking the self-mastery skills you need to override the excuses and take care of business….the business of your life.


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