5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Boost Your Self-Discipline So You Can Start Moving Your Life Forward

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Self-discipline is a lot like a muscle…..the more you use it the stronger it gets. 


Make these little changes and you will start feeling like you have more control of your life and where it’s going.

  1. Challenge yourself every single day. Choose one simple thing like a challenge to not complain for a whole day. Choose something new every day.
  2. Stop searching for easy and start searching for hard. Comfort kills self-discipline. Find the hard way to do common things. Stand instead of sit, run instead of walk, call instead of text. Find things that you can do the hard way…..don’t be a wimp about it…..men are tough and willing to do the hard stuff.
  3. Realize just how powerful you really are. Take a look at some of the difficult things you have been through. Draw strength from you perseverance! You have survived until now and that means you are a champion!
  4. Stop accepting your own excuses. Take a cold, hard and honest look at the excuses you tell yourself and stop accepting them. Put an end to it.
  5. Tell others what you are doing. Form an accountability tribe around you. Tell them you are on a journey to increase your self-discipline with a goal of soon achieving self-mastery. Ask them to call you out on your bullshit when they see it. Challenge them to let you do the same for them. Make it a bonding exercise between men that care about each other.

These five things will not only give you an immediate boost of self-discipline but they will also boost your self-confidence and move you one step closer to achieving self-mastery!


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